Young Adult: Asian & Asian American Authors RSS feed for public list Young Adult: Asian & Asian American Authors Frankly in love / by Yoon, David, The candle and the flame / by Azad, Nafiza, We hunt the flame / by Faizal, Hafsah, A land of permanent goodbyes / by Abawi, Atia, The lines we cross / by Abdel-Fattah, Randa, Internment / by Ahmed, Samira Love, hate & other filters / by Ahmed, Samira, Yes no maybe so / by Albertalli, Becky, Love from A to Z / by Ali, S. K., Saints and misfits / by Ali, S. K., The weight of our sky / by Hanna Alkaf, A match made in mehendi / by Bajpai, Nandini, The beauty of the moment / by Bhathena, Tanaz, Starfish / by Bowman, Akemi Dawn, American panda / by Chao, Gloria, Our wayward fate / by Chao, Gloria, Caster / by Chapman, Elsie, Wicked fox / by Cho, Kat, Emergency contact / by Choi, Mary H. K, Permanent record / by Choi, Mary H. K., The star-touched queen / by Chokshi, Roshani, The gilded wolves / by Chokshi, Roshani, Kingdom of the blazing phoenix / by Dao, Julie C., Forest of a thousand lanterns / by Dao, Julie C., Song of the crimson flower / by Dao, Julie C., 29 dates / by De la Cruz, Melissa, Something in between / by De la Cruz, Melissa, Turtle under ice / by Del Rosario, Juleah, Here to stay / by Farizan, Sara, I believe in a thing called love / by Goo, Maurene, The way you make me feel / by Goo, Maurene, Somewhere only we know / by Goo, Maurene, P.S. I still love you / by Han, Jenny, Always and forever, Lara Jean / by Han, Jenny, To all the boys I've loved before / by Han, Jenny, Empress of all seasons / by Jean, Emiko, Shadow of the fox / by Kagawa, Julie, That thing we call a heart / by Karim, Sheba, Mariam Sharma hits the road / by Karim, Sheba, The love and lies of Rukhsana Ali / by Khan, Sabina, Darius the Great is not okay / by Khorram, Adib, The library of fates / by Khorana, Aditi, Mirror in the sky / by Khorana, Aditi. I love you so mochi / by Kuhn, Sarah Butterfly yellow / by Lai, Thanhha, The downstairs girl / by Lee, Stacey Outrun the moon / by Lee, Stacey Spin the dawn / by Lim, Elizabeth, The importance of being Wilde at heart / by Linmark, R. Zamora, Girls on the line / by Liu, Jennifer L., Huntress / by Lo, Malinda. Ash / by Lo, Malinda. A very large expanse of sea / by Mafi, Tahereh, Unravel me / by Mafi, Tahereh. You're not proper / by Mehmood, Tariq, There's something about Sweetie / by Menon, Sandhya, When Dimple met Rishi / by Menon, Sandhya, From Twinkle, with love / by Menon, Sandhya, Of curses and kisses / by Menon, Sandhya, Ignite the stars / by Milan, Maura, Girls of paper and fire / by Ngan, Natasha, Girls of storm and shadow / by Ngan, Natasha, Goth / by Otsuichi, Rani Patel in full effect / by Patel, Sonia, Forward Me Back to You / by Perkins, Mitali, You bring the distant near / by Perkins, Mitali, If you only knew / by Pickett, Prerna, Want / by Pon, Cindy, Ruse / by Pon, Cindy, Patron saints of nothing / by Ribay, Randy, After the shot drops / by Ribay, Randy, I hope you get this message / by Rishi, Farah Naz, Not the girls you're looking for / by Safi, Aminah Mae, Tell me how you really feel / by Safi, Aminah Mae, This time will be different / by Sugiura, Misa, It's not like it's a secret / by Sugiura, Misa An ember in the ashes : by Tahir, Sabaa, A torch against the night : by Tahir, Sabaa, A thousand beginnings and endings : The Girl King / by Yu, Mimi, American born Chinese / by Yang, Gene Luen. Boxers / by Yang, Gene Luen, Saints / by Yang, Gene Luen,